Among its most common symptoms are irregular periods, excessive hair growth in the face and other parts of the body, obesity, acne, lipid abnormalities and the most serious of all, difficulty to get pregnant and in some very unfortunate cases, infertility.

Medical experts diagnose PCOS largely based on the mentioned symptoms but aside from acknowledgement of these signs, there are also tests to further verify the condition. The most credible specialist to conduct the analysis is a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Blood testing is one of the primary steps in confirming PCOS; there are series of tests conducted for different types of hormones which are produced by the ovaries, thyroid and pituitary gland to name a few. It will also require a full physical examination as well as laboratory testing fro glucose, insulin, trygliceride and cholesterol.

There is no standard treatment or procedure that will address PCOS. The type of cure depends on the type of symptoms exhibited by the person as well as fertility – related considerations. Generally, women who have PCOS and have no or no more plans to have children can take oral contraceptives to regulate and normal their menstrual cycles, this also decreases the amount of male hormones in the body and decreases the vulnerability to uternine cancer. Other types of treatment are anti – diabetes drugs, anti – androgens, GnRH analogs, progestins, weight loss and fertility therapy. In more serious cases, surgical therapy may be required.

Most women with PCOS are obese, if not overweight, losing the extra weight does more benefits than just having a thinner waist line or slimmer arms, it reduces the level of insulin enabling the body to function better. It limits the possibility of blood pressure and miscarriage as well as the chance of having a very big baby (that may lead to Caesarean Section). In addition, weight loss also helps resolve the issue of hormonal imbalance that hampers both embryo plantation and development among women with PCOS.


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