One of the most common symptoms of PCOS is weight gain and obesity, and it is also one of the leading concerns among women suffering from this disease, next to infertility or difficulty to get pregnant.

PCOS is a type of disorder that involves hormonal imbalance. The body is insulin resistant so there is an influx of unnecessary and unused insulin; this triggers weight gain and may eventually lead to diabetes. Among the other types of signs that a woman has PCOS is hirtuism (or excessive hair in different parts of the body like face, arms, legs and chest), excessive acne, diabetes hypertension, heart diseases, irregular period, absent periods and infertility.

Diet or losing weight is an important component of addressing PCOS. Aside from reducing the risk of diabetes, it may also normalize the hormonal imbalance in the body as the extra amount of insulin is used. Given that a woman suffering from PCOS loses weight, the symptoms disappear – menstruation becomes regular thus making ovulation normal and giving way to fertility and proper amount of female hormones are produced instead of more male hormones created.

Usually, a low – carb diet is the first that comes to mind when thinking of losing weight and PCOS, Atkins Diet being the most famous among all. While it really makes a person lose weight, it has a tendency to accommodate food that has lots of saturated fat in them, this may lead to hypertension and other heart related complications.

Adressing PCOS does not call for elimination of carbohydrates, the secret is to find and stick to complex carbohydrates, these are the type of carbs that are closest to their natural states. You will never go wrong with grains, whole wheat breads, oats, brans and brown rice to name a few. As these are less starchy compared to potatoes and regular rice, it takes more time to be digested and utilized.

When it comes to vegetables, the most helpful ones are the green, leafy ones; spinach as well as carrots are likewise beneficial. And since you have veggies in the menu, throw in fruits too. Fruits are not only rich in vitamins and antioxidants, they are delicious and nutritious too. Replace your regular afternoon snack with blueberries, apples, peaches and strawberries; you can also turn them into fresh squeezed juices or smoothies for a real treat.

The most effective diet for a female suffering from PCOS is to combine balanced diet with exercise. It may sound really worn off but nothing beats this duo. Aside from normalizing the situation in your body, it also brings a lot of benefits to other parts and aspects of both your body and life. Nobody can deny that a woman becomes more motivated when she looks good and feels good about herself, she is able to do more (for herself, her family and he community) when she has a strong and energetic body. The benefits are beyond merely addressing the problems posted by PCOS, it is like an overhaul of your life.




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